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San Francisco, California
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I want to figure out what I’m interested in for the future.


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Anya Jun 02 140 views

What should people look for when accepting jobs?

For example, the pay, if insurance is included, sick leave, etc.

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Anya Jun 02 115 views

What are some important skills that people should have when they apply for jobs?

For example public speaking, leadership, etc.

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Anya Jun 02 201 views

What are the benefits of taking a gap year instead of going straight to college?

Because taking a gap year is one of the options for when after students graduate high school, I want to know the benefits of taking one.

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Anya Apr 15 177 views

How do you balance a work and personal life?

I hear people say that it’s difficult to maintain friendships and also work relations.

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Anya Apr 15 225 views

How do I manage school-related stress?

I feel like I’m always overthinking and stressing about school now and in the future, how should I manage this stress?

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Anya Apr 15 137 views

How will I know what major is for me?

There is a large variety of majors so how do I narrow down the choices?