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Solomon’s Avatar
Solomon Jul 11, 2023 383 views

In the feild of cybersecurity, what is the main jobs of the employees?Also is the work more individual or dynamic?

Senior year, thinking about maybe going into the field of cybersecurity

Daksh’s Avatar
Daksh Jul 07, 2023 325 views

I am a Sophomore in High School and looking for opportunities and ways to succeed

What Should I do as a high School Student to pursue my interests with Cyber Security and Data Scientist. Why are these skills important to learn in order to have the occupation.

Brent’s Avatar
Brent Jun 29, 2023 376 views

How do I break into a new industry?

I've been working for 20 years since I graduated from college -- 17 years at a nonprofit research institute and then the last 3 years at a large U.S. bank. My focus has been on identifying, selling/pitching, evaluating and experimenting with innovative ideas in a brought range of areas -- new...

Kuljit’s Avatar
Kuljit Jun 09, 2023 388 views

What is a good pathway in order to get into a cybersecurity pathway?

I will be entering my freshman year at UC Berkeley this fall and am earning a GIAC certification over the summer. My dream has always been to enter cybersecurity and I want to learn how to effectively join the community as a changemaker.

Rigoberto’s Avatar
Rigoberto Jun 12, 2023 406 views

How would i be able to gain experience in the cybersecurity industry?

I am an early College Graduate so I have an Associates in Cybersecurity but I am unsure on how to gain work experience besides the textbook learning I did, i am still planning on getting my bachelors but I want some work experience to have some knowledge on how I will continue after getting my...

Paul’s Avatar
Paul Mar 06, 2023 1170 views

What is the difference between a certificate and a degree?

I have heard that computer certificates are pretty comparable to college degrees. Should I pursue my Security+ certificate or get a degree in cybersecurity? What are the pros and cons of each?

David’s Avatar
David Apr 18, 2023 300 views

What are some college classes I should consider taking in order to do my best in the IT field?

I wanted to know what would be the best classes to take in order to succeed in the IT field.

Daris-diamond’s Avatar
Daris-diamond May 12, 2023 685 views

What does it take to work In cybersecurity?

I'm a Computer science major and I wanted to see if anyone could give some advice on places to train or software to use to help me.