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Will Morrow

Music Producer, A&R
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Kadiatou’s Avatar
Kadiatou Jul 29, 2023 406 views

Where could I find (in person / remote) an internship/job as a student? And in what and how to invest money?

I feel very depressed and disappointed in my life. I don't like the way it is and wish to move out and have my own apartment. But I don't know how at 19 years old I could have an "adult job". I want to integrate into the business/marketing world and work for a firm or even get an internship...

Joslyn’s Avatar
Joslyn Jun 14, 2023 260 views

Should I go to college?!

I’m scared to be away from my family but I’m ready to start a new chapter in my life . What should I do? I wanna leave and explore a side of the world I have never seen before but should I.

Albree’s Avatar
Albree Jun 11, 2023 341 views

What kind of education would be needed to seek a career in the field of music?

Would I have to go to college, grad school, or does simply a high school diploma work in this case?

Charlie’s Avatar
Charlie Jun 14, 2023 2161 views

What college should I apply to for music business major?

What colleges should I apply to if I want to major in music business/management? Berklee Boston and The Hartt are already on my mind but I'm still looking for more options.