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Keri Anderson

Business and Financial Operations Occupations
Charlotte, North Carolina
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Isabella Jun 29, 2023 400 views

How much does the Sarbanes-Oxley act impact your daily work?

Just curious.

Analisa’s Avatar
Analisa Jun 13, 2023 357 views

Taxes? How do I learn about them and get through them? #Spring23

As an upcoming adult in the world taxes seem daunting and something I should be knowledgeable about but where do I start what should I know?

Blake’s Avatar
Blake Jun 20, 2023 492 views

How can I break into consulting as a sophomore in college with no prior experience?

I am a sophomore at Gonzaga and my major is Accounting. I want to explore careers in consulting, but need some guidance on how to get there.

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle Oct 27, 2022 531 views

How much does your major in college matter when pursuing a career in accounting?

I'm a junior high school student who's striving to be an accountant someday. I'd like to know the importance of a major, as well as the importance of the college you attend when taking into consideration a career in accounting.

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sofea Sep 19, 2023 539 views

What should be my minor subject?

Hi, i’m studying management, planning to major in international business or operation management, any suggestions for minor subjects? or any advice? i’m also planning to work in the beauty industry.