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Au pair
Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations
Walnut Creek, California
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Madison Sep 06, 2019 715 views

Can you describe one of your typical work days?

#career #business #doctor #kids #pediatrician #senior #SA

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Preston May 31, 2023 420 views

What is the best way to travel while working and making money?

Does anyone have any job ideas or opportunities where you can travel the world and also earn money? I really want to be able to travel and meet new people while I am working my job.

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Hailey Jun 05, 2023 276 views

What is the best abroad study programs?

I want to live in another country a I want to find cheap study abroad programs

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Bekka Jan 31, 2021 468 views

What jobs might I like and be good at?

My favorite subject is reading/English. I don’t really like math, science, or history. I want to do something in human services, and don’t really like animals or things dealing with the body. I really like kids and music. #kids

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alina May 16, 2023 280 views

what are some good jobs not many people talk about that have to do with kids?

well paying jobs with younger kids

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Rosemarie Oct 03, 2023 723 views

What are the best things of being a child care worker?

I am a middle school student and have always wanted to be a child care worker but I don’t know if I would like it. If any one has been or is a child care worker could you share some experiences you had?