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Olayinka’s Avatar
Olayinka Jun 20 252 views

why is salary earners still find it difficult to lives ?

like why do majority depends on loans all the time

Rihanna’s Avatar
Rihanna Apr 04 546 views

What about being a Finance Accountant difficult?

I’m 15 in the 9th grade, and I’m worried about being an financial accountant.

Jhohalter’s Avatar
Jhohalter Nov 08, 2023 218 views

What is way to figure out if one job is the right one for you if you have other choices that are related??

trying to find the right job after a career path

Josie’s Avatar
Josie Nov 08, 2023 407 views

Do you feel like you made the correct career choice right away? or did you change careers?

Did you have to go back to college and persue something else?

Paola’s Avatar
Paola Oct 27, 2023 815 views

Why is it important to go to school ?

What if schools not for everyone.

aneceya’s Avatar
aneceya Nov 03, 2023 486 views

How did you know that you chose the right career?

like did you feel it in your gut, or did you do lots and lots of research or did you get help? Tell me your secret!

Avela’s Avatar
Avela Oct 27, 2023 410 views

How did you get where you are today in your career

What tips do you give young people? What helped influence you

Ayomide’s Avatar
Ayomide Nov 05, 2023 1136 views

How to become a Manager?

I want to know about it