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Zoe Jan 07 888 views

What is a hub?

What is a hub in computer networks?

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Ty Jan 19 1057 views

How can I be able to choose a career when I can't be able to make decisions ?

I find it difficult to explain myself

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Hilmi Jan 09 2619 views

What career path should I choose ? It's getting really hard to even know what I want.

Hi, I'm someone that is currently 26 years old and in need of assistance about what type of career that i should pursue, I'm good with my adaptability (or you could say a quick learner) and somewhat interested in sci-fi movies (or technology), the thing is it's kind of hard for me to do...

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Janhavi Jan 13 984 views

I am in 11th grade. I want to create a passion project with my academic and personal interest i.e Computer Science and local impact. I have a river(not clean) and also a oldage home nearby. Any tips and ideas?

I am in the junior year and do not have really great ideas that will clearly make a difference.

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Marion Jan 16 582 views

How do I go about selecting the right school(s) to apply for?

What are my chances of getting into a school with a decent neuroscience program or biology program? I had decent ACT scores, didn’t do the SAT (it wasn’t an option at the time) and brought my overall GPA in high school from 1.5 to a 3.5 in my last two years. I know I won’t be getting into any...