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Lauren Blood

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Wigan, England, United Kingdom
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Alan Feb 16 496 views

how i can be a seo expert?

is this good for future?

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Isa! Feb 11 1068 views

What are a few skills, tips, and tricks I can use to learn and get into becoming Computer tech?

Im interested in becoming successful in tech, I would like to gain as much information as possible. I would like to know the basic resources on starting with computer's such as building an online platform, what i would need to start that, an online business, and how I can work my way up to...

Tatum’s Avatar
Tatum Feb 14 8594 views

How do i start a youtube channel?

How do I start a youtube channel I really want to its kinda always been my dream but I don't know where to start. Any tips will help. But sometimes I think about doing photography. Please help any tips.

Jack’s Avatar
Jack Feb 13 876 views

How I develop my tech skills?


connor’s Avatar
connor Feb 13 616 views

why is this so long?

Is school important for learning if you have the streetsmarts.