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Success May 17 281 views

How do i know how to cut different patterns?

I know how to sew using measurements of other people, but other websites make professional sizes that sometimes fit, I want to be able to make the specific sizes so then I can do a better job of actually making the clothes for other people.

Success’s Avatar
Success May 17 477 views

How can i learn how to make different kind of pattern?

i know how to cut and sew,i can make cloth for women,men,boys and girls. I also know the guidelines that guide pattern drafting but i can just draft without confidence

Cindy’s Avatar
Cindy May 07 236 views

what are modeling and fashion about? how can you get into this type of environment?

what are modeling and fashion about? how can you get into this type of environment?

diamond’s Avatar
diamond Apr 18 374 views

How do i start modeling after high school?

im 17 years old and ive been taking pictures of my outfits sine freshmen year and now im a junior and id love to model outside of school instead of in there only

Letícia’s Avatar
Letícia Apr 23 384 views

how is the market for surface designers?

I'm interested in the ​​surface design area but I'm not sure if there are enough opportunities in this area.

Allison’s Avatar
Allison Apr 14 617 views

What is the best career to go for in Art and Fashion Industry?

What is the best career to go for in Art and Fashion Industry

Juliet’s Avatar
Juliet Mar 28 583 views

How do I go about fashion and designing , because it is a good career opportunity ?

Have something unique is woo, it if a very unique skill, it gives one self confidence to have something different from the public, and have new Ideas and creative insights

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Mar 22 276 views

where do you begin in the fashion world?

I have lots of ideas and plans but no way to start or not knowing how to start. I have the things and money but I am very lost when it comes to starting it.

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle Mar 20 336 views

1. When did you get the idea for designing? 2. Who inspired you to construct and continue your journey on this brand? 3. Do you have any regrets while working in the fashion industry? 4. What challenges did you face while working on your business? 5. What is something you would tell your younger self knowing what you know now?

I am sorry if the questions look jumbled together

Jenna’s Avatar
Jenna Oct 17, 2023 537 views

how can i begin my journey to becoming a fashion designer?

What are the best schools for fashion design and business?

John’s Avatar
John Jan 09 911 views

How to become a fashion designer?

I want to know about it

A’s Avatar
A Jan 07 487 views

What are the real experiences of Electricians and Fashion Designers?

I'm nearly out of high school, and have a few options lined up for me - and really only two that jump out at me - but I'm stuck wondering what career will be best for me long term, financially and engagement wise, but my searches come up pretty lacking in any actual answers. Between electrician...

Breon’s Avatar
Breon Jan 11 1842 views

How do I start my own clothing brand?

I want to start letting people wear the clothes i made

Skii’s Avatar
Skii Oct 16, 2023 211 views

What if u not good at fashion but still want to learn? How can u get creative if u don't know how to express it? Why is picking a career young so easy but older so much pressure?

I'm in 9th grade so I have bit of time until I decide which career I want. I like how fashion can make u look and feel, I never felt clothing I'm comfortable wearing, since I was a kid because I didn't care what people thought. But now I do and the only type of clothing I feel somewhat...

Jane’s Avatar
Jane Feb 04 372 views

Fashion in this World

Is it hard to be a designer in this world of high quality fashion and clothing? Knowing that you have a lot to go up against and through.Will my fashion make it?