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Boulder, Colorado

Within 40 mile radius
Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas May 23 392 views

How can I receive employment if I applied late everywhere?

I applied late so how can I attract attention from potential employers, I already tailor my resume to each job and list relevant skills and achievements, is there anything else I can do?

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan May 22 290 views

Can you help me create a resume?

I am interviewing for a job at a manufacturing company and I have my CNC certification.

Tiffany’s Avatar
Tiffany May 21 182 views

What Is the most challenging part of becoming a PA (Physician Assistant) And what is a good way to prepare for these challenges? #Spring24 ?

Additional Information about me is I'm really passionate about healthcare. And I enjoy it because I'm helping other people, feel like their best self. At the moment I am working on obtaining my CNA license. And plan on going to college to become a PA this really interested me because not only...

Samuel’s Avatar
Samuel May 16 548 views

How can i get a physical mentorship any digital skill?

Question on how i can have a physical mentor that will make me concentrate building my digital skills while building my social skills and making me a better person

Reese’s Avatar
Reese Apr 29 415 views

how can i grow my resume and deepen my knowledge in the neuroscience and psychology fields?

hi! i’m a freshman in high school and not completely sure what i want to do. i’m interested in psychology and neuroscience, what things can i do to grow my resume and experience?

Tantat’s Avatar
Tantat Apr 25 448 views

I'm looking for interior design career in Denver, CO. Please advise.

Hi, I'm interior designer from Thailand. I'm looking for interior designer career in Denver, CO, USA. I'm keep looking for the job 6 months already. There was some interviews but still not get the job yet. I have 5 years experience work from Thailand. Now I live in Denver, CO. I'm interest in...

yuven’s Avatar
yuven Apr 07 396 views

how to escape poverty?

best things to do while poor

Adelyn’s Avatar
Adelyn Mar 25 581 views

How do you start a career in the arts?

How do you start a career in the arts when you don’t know what field you want to go into?

Ainsley’s Avatar
Ainsley Mar 23 591 views

What can I do in highschool to prepare for a career in business/music management?

I’m a current freshman in hs who has interest in both owning my own business as well as helping music artists as they are my idols (haha), and I’ve found that I just have too much free time on weekends like I watched mvs until 1:00 today ;-; and I want to channel that energy into building a...

Anna’s Avatar
Anna Mar 06 453 views

What does going through college and becoming an elementary school teacher look like? I am starting at Regis in August and I dont have as much information as I hoped.

What does going through college and becoming an elementary school teacher look like? I am starting at Regis in August and I dont have as much information as I hoped.

Jiddah’s Avatar
Jiddah Mar 03 626 views

What do I do to become a successful Doctor in feature?

How can I become a successful female doctor at the age of 13 while being in grade 8th of my school, and being the only source of pride to my parents I would like to be successful at my ambition to become a medical doctor.

Kyleigh’s Avatar
Kyleigh Feb 25 658 views

What is the number one way to pass your college classes?

yep this is really stupid now that I am done

Raymond’s Avatar
Raymond Feb 23 1124 views

How would i be successful as human resource manager?

would it be easy to be a human resource manager and how could i make sure I'm able to do my job the right way?

Sophie’s Avatar
Sophie Jan 19 782 views

What are some jobs that are similar to elementary education, but involve more individual work with students?

I would prefer to work in a one-on-one setting where I could better help the student, and connect with them. I would also love something that relates to ASL.

Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas Jan 17 751 views

What is a good university for me?

As a medical student, what is a good university in the US for someone with average grades, but also college credits, Eagle Scout rank and progressing with the congressional Medal of Honor?

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