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Julia B.’s Avatar
Julia B. Oct 24, 2016 506 views

I am also thinking about becoming a medical examiner, would Biology work for that work as well?

This is another career path that I am thinking about #doctor #medical-examiner #biology #medicine #hospital-and-health-care

Ginna M.’s Avatar
Ginna M. Jan 20, 2017 684 views

Is it allowed, and is there a benefit to using new studet loans to pay off the oldest ones?

I am in graduate school, and the student loans are piling on. I notices some of the older, unsubsidized loans are starting to accumulate interest. I wonder if it would be wise to use my refunds to pay off these older student loans? #graduate-school #doctorate-degree #student-counseling...

Brianna W.’s Avatar
Brianna W. Oct 20, 2016 1485 views

How much job growth is expected within STEM careers?

I want to go into a career area that will have significant projected job growth within the next few years so that I can be sure to have a place in the career field. #engineering #science #technology #math #stem #statistics

Rebecca G.’s Avatar
Rebecca G. May 25, 2016 1141 views

What is the best job for a high school student?

Now I understand that I'm not going to be able to be a CEO in high school, but what job(s) is best for a high schooler entering the work force to get some work experience to put on a resume (Restaurants, fast food, retail, etc.)? #human-resources #retail

Brianna W.’s Avatar
Brianna W. Oct 20, 2016 1217 views

How flexible are career choices if I have a degree in Biomedical Sciences?

I am certain that Imwould like to enter a career in Biology and Medicine, but I'm not exactly sure of precisely what I want to do. Are there many career option if I choose this path? #biology #stem #biotechnology #biochemistry #molecular-biology #big-data

Efe O.’s Avatar
Efe O. Jan 31, 2015 875 views

How do I know what type of engineering to choose

I like making buildings, but I also like tinkering with things. Sound is also interesting to me. Can someone give me as much information as possible about engineering disciplines. #engineering #engineer

Julia B.’s Avatar
Julia B. Oct 24, 2016 530 views

What is a good major in order to become an OBGYN?

I am extremely interested in this career path and need guidance and some help to get there #pediatrics #obgyn #md-phd #medicine #healthcare

Tara C.’s Avatar
Tara C. Oct 25, 2016 551 views

How many different jobs can you obtain in the sports management field?

I'm a senior in high school and I just got enrolled into the Soccer Management program at UCCS. I want to become a business team manager for a soccer team but I'm curious what my other options are in soccer management careers. #business-management #sports-management #soccer

Julianna H.’s Avatar
Julianna H. May 23, 2016 676 views

What are the possibilities with a Marine Biology and/or Ecology degrees?

I am going to school in Hawaii in order to pursue a Marine Biology degree and I am considering switching to an Ecology degree because I really enjoy Ecology. #career-path #marine-biology #ecologist

Kaylyn B.’s Avatar
Kaylyn B. May 25, 2016 993 views

What is one thing you wish someone told you before becoming a business major?

I am currently a junior in high school and I am VERY interested in the business and economics world within society. I do realize that majoring in business covers a broad spectrum of career opportunities, but what is one thing that someone wanting to study business should be advised on? What do...

Maggie M.’s Avatar
Maggie M. May 12, 2016 1030 views

Will technology ever make human teachers irrelevant in education?

I am a high school student who has recently finished a course in Teacher Cadet. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to go out into the field and see how the education system has changed with technological improvements, even in the short span I have been away from elementary school and...

Sasha J.’s Avatar
Sasha J. Aug 12, 2018 348 views

What are your best study tips for undergrads?

What are some of the best ways to study, that are the most effective and time efficient? #student

rachael S.’s Avatar
rachael S. Sep 30, 2017 685 views

How would you guide someone just learning to file their taxes?

I am curious how tax advisors would help someone of a young age learn how to do their taxes. #taxes #income-taxes

John M.’s Avatar
John M. May 24, 2016 374 views

Can anyone clear up the hierarchy of Doctor?

I want to be a doctor and was just was wondering what the progression was from first year of medical school till your at the top. Also what is the top? What kind of titles do certain Doctor have? #doctor #medicine #healthcare #health #pre-med

Jerry L.’s Avatar
Jerry L. Jun 20, 2016 764 views

How important is it to include the "Objective" line in your resume?

I'm a college student with two majors, neither of which directly links up to an industry or career. With this being the case, I don't want to bind myself to anything too technical or particular. Instead, I'm looking for professional experience/internships in general. How vital is it to include...

Jordan H.’s Avatar
Jordan H. Sep 28, 2017 454 views

Is it best to get a Masters now instead of just a Bachelors?

How long will I be in school? How much money can I make? #k-12-education

Tara C.’s Avatar
Tara C. Oct 25, 2016 1277 views

What's it like being a business manager in any kind of business?

I'm perusing a career in a type of business management at UCCS #business-management

Sasha J.’s Avatar
Sasha J. Aug 12, 2018 401 views

Best PA Programs

What are the best physician assistant programs in the US #physicians-assistant

Katie M.’s Avatar
Katie M. Oct 25, 2016 671 views

What role does undergraduate school play in applying for graduate school?

What do graduate schools look for in an applicant?
Are undergraduate programs significant in the application process? #college #graduate-school #undergraduate

Anifa M.’s Avatar
Anifa M. Mar 29, 2017 730 views

How do I manage my time in college?

Sometimes, I have everything together and I able to complete my work. However, other times, I find hard to focus. This is when it becomes difficult to stay motivated in school. I have tried utilizing a planner to keep myself on track, but I always forget about it. I just haven't found a clear...

Katie M.’s Avatar
Katie M. Oct 26, 2016 909 views

What was most helpful in helping you choose a career path?

What classes did you take that helped you pick your major? What clubs or activities did you participate in in college? How/when did you know you picked the right major and career for you? #college #career #college-major #career-choice #career-path #choosing-a-major

Rocco M.’s Avatar
Rocco M. Oct 24, 2016 1014 views

Are there many people who receive an Engineering degree and go on to receive their MBA and how has that been beneficial to your career?

Although I am very interested in engineering and physics, I also want to eventually run my own business. I am a young entrepreneur and think my goals are engineering and business! #engineering #entrepreneurship #masters-degree

Kaylyn B.’s Avatar
Kaylyn B. May 25, 2016 3265 views

What aspect of college is the most challenging?

As a student in 11th grade, I am currently thinking about my future and what path to take (Colleges). I have a very high GPA, and impressive leadership resume. I take education very seriously and often stress about college and what it will be like. Financially, socially, academically etc… what...

Katie M.’s Avatar
Katie M. Oct 26, 2016 1613 views

How hard is it to get an internship and be a student-athlete in college?

Is it possible to intern while playing a varsity sport in college? How hard is it to manage your time as a student-athlete? #internships #time-management #athletics #collegiate-athlete

Rocco M.’s Avatar
Rocco M. Oct 24, 2016 537 views

What type of challenges will I face going into Engineering Physics being of Hispanic descent?

I am of Hispanic descent and have had many challenges joining in groups. There is not a lot of diversity in my high school. Just wondering what is the diversity level of students going into the engineering and/or physics arena? And will it hold me back? #engineering #physics #hispanic

Jerry L.’s Avatar
Jerry L. Jun 20, 2016 1305 views

How to ask someone to be a professional reference?

I have a temporary position (a summer job) that I'll have to leave when I go back to college in the fall. I feel like I've done a good job and would like future employers to my achievements here into consideration. How should I go about asking my manager or boss to be my reference? What about...

Nathan  M.’s Avatar
Nathan M. Sep 01, 2017 539 views

Is it true that there is going to be or is a shortage of pilots?

I keep hearing from family, friends, etc that there is going to be or is a shortage of commercial pilots, just wondering if the demand is actually as severe as the truth.

Katie M.’s Avatar
Katie M. Oct 25, 2016 583 views

What country is the best to study abroad?

Is there a country that is better for college students to visit through an undergraduate program? #biology #study-abroad

Brier C.’s Avatar
Brier C. Mar 12, 2017 764 views

Where's a good place to start freelance writing (and just writing in general) if you are inexperienced and still in school?

I'm a high school student who wants to become a writer. I plan on taking courses in college, but I would like to start with little things now and possibly get my first paying job. #writing #first-job #creative-writing

Brier C.’s Avatar
Brier C. Mar 12, 2017 597 views

How does one get their book published?

I want to be a writer, so naturally I want a novel published some day. However, I have no idea how to even start looking into publishing. #writing #books #novels

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