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Louisville, Kentucky
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Emma’s Career Goals

I would like to go into the field of law or criminal justice. i want a mentally challenging job that would benefit others as well as myself. I am also dreaming/hoping to make it to an Ivy League school. :)


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Emma Feb 29 280 views

What are the pros and cons of apartment living in college?

should i live in an apartment while in college? why or why not?

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Emma Feb 27 361 views

Where should i volunteer?

Hi, my name is Emma in in the 9th grade and i would like to be a lawyer. i live near Louisville Kentucky, anyone have input on where i should/could volunteer? :)

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Emma Feb 26 586 views

What should/can i do now to prepare me for an Ivy league college?

its is a dream/goal of mine to attended an Ivy League college, and i was wondering if i could do something now to aid me in reaching that goal. :)

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Emma Feb 22 348 views

Will me being homeschooled be a disadvantage when trying to get into college?

Ive heard that some colleges prefer homeschoolers... i was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this. :)

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Emma Feb 22 379 views

what is the difference between forensic psychology and criminal psychology?

Im doing a research paper on psychology and im have trouble understanding the difference between the two. #psychology #forensic psychology #criminal psychology