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Christopher Azoy

Business and Financial Operations Occupations
West Palm Beach, Florida
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Elaine Mar 01 715 views

Do you need lots of connections to get into the tech industry?

I'm a high school student.

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Anna Luiza Mar 02 647 views

How did you decide what need to do you wanted to follow?

I´ma Junior right now, so I realley need to start planwhat I want in the future and the only career that already passes for me until now is a lawyer or a doctor

Yuren’s Avatar
Yuren Mar 01 523 views

How much money do they make in the business field?

I wanted to major in business, but I don't know how much they make?

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Andrew Mar 06 1382 views

Can a history major go into a business job?

I love the study of history more than any other subject and if I could major in it I would. I've always heard that history majors are versatile as the soft skills will land you a job from teaching to business. What business jobs can history majors get and how much will they be paid. Would it be...

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Adrian Feb 28 409 views

Should a Marketing Manager be sarcastic with co workers while in the middle of working?

I am in 8th grade. My favorite classes are P.E. and College and Career. I want to go to a good baseball school because I like baseball.

Mike’s Avatar
Mike Mar 06 621 views

I am interested in becoming a programmer.?

I value education, teamwork, and equality. Will this career path align with my values?