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Brenda Apr 16 772 views

Why do I suck at basketball even though I train and practice hard everyday?

I have been playing basketball and other sports since I was very young and I have been very bad even though I put a lot of time and effort into the sport.

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Ryan Apr 15 344 views

How long did it take you to do what you did?

let me know how so i can understand?

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Grant Apr 16 570 views

How can get job as a data analyst as an undergraduate?

I have degree in computer science and data science certification and I want to build a career in data science ,

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Ella Apr 10 352 views

Finding Internships?

A second-year college student. How to find internships that will help me gain experience that is a mixture of psychology and education? How to find an internship specific to my career goals? I want to work as a school counselor/psychologist eventually.

Andrea’s Avatar
Andrea Apr 09 488 views

How do I land an internship?

I am a senior in college