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Damian May 02 569 views

I have some questions for real estate agents?

1. Can you tell me about the types of tasks you are responsible for on a day-to-day basis? 2. What do you enjoy most about your career? 3. What is most challenging about your career? 4. What are some skills and personality traits necessary to perform your job? 5. What are some...

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Abubakar Apr 29 279 views

What does it take to become a professional businessman?

What those it take to become a professional businessman

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Maxwell Apr 22 822 views

How to start a career in accounting ?

How to start a career in accounting ?

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Mark Apr 23 418 views

Will I make more money in a startup or large IT company?

I understand risk reward applies to startups, does it apply to large IT companies as well ? Will I make more money there ?

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Nabeel Apr 23 449 views

What should I consider when creating a resume?

I want to know more about writing up resumes for when I apply for a job