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Makenna M.’s Avatar
Makenna M. Oct 20, 2015 3143 views

What is Marketing?

Tell me what marketing is and what do you have to do to become a Marketing...

Balaji B.’s Avatar
Balaji B. Apr 20, 2016 1009 views

What is market economy and what does it mean to me and my career?

I'm having career doubt. #marketing #economics...


syeda S.’s Avatar
syeda S. May 03, 2016 613 views

how do i become fashion designer?

After 10th, i want to learn vocational skill...


Joseph  A.’s Avatar
Joseph A. May 03, 2016 764 views

How to be a youtuber

i an a boys and girls club...


Taylor E.’s Avatar
Taylor E. May 25, 2016 2104 views

What is it like going to college?

I will be going to college....


Jamecia W.’s Avatar
Jamecia W. Oct 20, 2016 547 views

Is the Game Design field in demand?

As a person who wants to be a game designer, i was just wandering if by the time Im out of college will my major be in demand....


shanequa B.’s Avatar
shanequa B. Oct 21, 2016 665 views

what do computer engineers do?

do they just create webistes?...


Megan S.’s Avatar
Megan S. Oct 25, 2016 461 views

What is it like to have a job that makes you happy but has very little income?

I'm worried that I'll spend more time worrying about financial issues than I will actually enjoying my job if I end up with a low income job....


Samantha L.’s Avatar
Samantha L. Oct 26, 2016 682 views

What is some advice for someone who just graduated highschool ?

I am about to graduate and I know that i want to work with technology/ repair #graduate-school...