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Trilochan Naik

Film Maker | VFX Layout -Previs Artist | VFX Shoot Supervisor
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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TAIGA’s Avatar
TAIGA Apr 29 383 views

How is the work-life balance of an industry animator?

I would like to know how time consuming / stressful the job of an animator (2d or 3d) is, and if they are compensated accordingly

Amir’s Avatar
Amir Apr 26 307 views

Do you have any advice for employment in animation?

Hello, I actually love drawing, and I am impressed with the Employment of animation, and I want to enter and learn this Employment, but I live in a country that is not interested in this Employment, or in other words, there are no schools dedicated to this Employment, and I want some advice.?

Pearl’s Avatar
Pearl Apr 25 458 views

How can I begin creating concept art ?

I mean what are the essential basics of drawing and composition that I should learn first, where should I start, and what are some recommended resources or tutorials for beginners in concept art. I will be grateful if you help me with this. Thank you!

Weitao’s Avatar
Weitao Apr 16 280 views

How does a day in animating look like?

I want to figure out what a day in your job looks like to get a better understanding of what should be expected