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Rocco M. Oct 24, 2016 708 views

Are there many people who receive an Engineering degree and go on to receive their MBA and how has that been beneficial to your career?

Although I am very interested in engineering and physics, I also want to eventually run my own business. I am a young entrepreneur and think my goals are engineering and business! #engineering #entrepreneurship...


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Cassidy P. Oct 26, 2016 556 views

Is it really and truly possible to succeed in a solid career and also pursue other dreams in a completely different field such as art?

I really like art, but I don't know if I want to major in it, but I sure don't want to give it up either. I would like a steady and decent paying job but also to keep up with my art skills. #counselor #carter #personal-development...


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Deshona R. Oct 26, 2016 498 views

How are stem jobs different from regular jobs?

I have been in stem since 9th grade year and I'm wondering how are stem jobs different from regular jobs. Does stem jobs provide better benefits and a more creative way to be successful in a career than job that is not stem? #stem...


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Lizbeth C. Oct 26, 2016 1834 views

Whats the hardest part about being an architect?

Im really interested in architecture and i would like to know what type of challenges I'd face in this field of study....


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Lizbeth C. Oct 26, 2016 521 views

where are there more job opportunities involving architecture?

i know that here in the rio grade valley in south texas, there isnt that many opportunities for jobs in architecture....


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Madelyn K. Oct 26, 2016 431 views

What careers could I go into with a biology major?

I'm majoring in biology and want to go into some animal research field... got any ideas? #science #biology...


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Madelyn K. Oct 26, 2016 1762 views

What research do marine biologists do?

I'm majoring and biology and am curious about marine biology. #science #biology #marine-biology...


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Madelyn K. Oct 26, 2016 605 views

What research do zoologists conduct?

I'm interested in this field of study #science #biology...


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Renata D. Oct 26, 2016 543 views

How much of math knowledge do you need to have in order to major in Biology?

I like science, such as biology, chemistry, biochemistry, and molecular biology, but math is not my strong quality. #biology #mathematics #math #chemistry...


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Renata D. Oct 26, 2016 556 views

To learn linguistics, does it matter if I have an accent?

I want to study the English language and its science, but I know that the careers I am interested in will require me to possibly teach or aid people with difficulty speaking or those who want to improve their English, but I myself have an accent that I can't get rid of. #english...


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Samantha L. Oct 26, 2016 406 views

what are some options in job the world for robotics

I am interested in working with Robotics and I just want to know what are some job in the career choose...