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Meredith Mangan

Associate General Counsel at Lexington Insurance
Business and Financial Operations Occupations
Boston, Massachusetts
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Joaquin ’s Avatar
Joaquin May 18, 2016 1155 views

What are some colleges that have the best studies in becoming an attorney?

There are obviously many choices in choosing what school would be perfect to study law, but which one is honestly the best and affordable for a low-income student. #studies #law-school

Christian’s Avatar
Christian Sep 01, 2017 809 views

How does a student make the most out of attending a professional conference?

I'm going to be attending a Student Affairs professional conference in October, which will be my first ever attendance at a professional conference. I'm looking to make the most out of this experience and to develop good practices for attendance at future conferences, so I wanted to ask for...

Aye Marie’s Avatar
Aye Marie May 22, 2016 2668 views

What is the best advice you can give an aspiring lawyer about to start college?

I'm not 100% sure I want to be a lawyer but I definitely want to have a career in the law field. Whether it be steps I should start taking now or attitudes to go into college with, what's some advice qualified people in law related careers or students about to graduate can give me? Thank you!...

Norma’s Avatar
Norma Mar 12, 2014 1712 views

Is it worth pursuing a career in law?

I would want to know the pros and cons of becoming a lawyer. #law #lawyer

Brianna’s Avatar
Brianna Feb 09, 2017 813 views

I want to be a lawyer?

What kind of exams do they have in law school? #law #lawyer #law-school

jenifer’s Avatar
jenifer May 23, 2016 1765 views

how do I become a lawyer?

#law #legal #criminal-justice #government

vivekarjun’s Avatar
vivekarjun May 23, 2016 1041 views

which would be the best job lawyer or lecturer?

i am a arts student and completed 12th #lawyers #principal #lecturer #legal #lawyer #teacher