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Joshua Mar 29, 2018 2788 views

What are the punishments for not showing up to work?

Attendance is needed, A company needs good discipline to keep the workers aligned #management #career

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Kimberli Jan 16, 2018 2303 views

Should I get Masters after I take the CPA exam?

I have a BSBA in Small Business and Entrepreneurship from a private university. I want to take the CPA exam, so I was going to go straight for a Masters in Accounting and skip a BBA in Accounting. Since I am now at a public university, there are about 17 prerequisites I must take before being...

Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda Mar 26, 2018 696 views

Should I take classes that go towards a minor as well as my major?

Will it make it easier for me to find a job after graduation? #college #college-major #career

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ashanti Apr 05, 2018 885 views

How to deal with two co-workers that cant get along?

what actions as you(the employer) do to deal with the situation? #career #employee-engagement #employee-relations

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Mcdhellyne Jan 17, 2018 832 views

If your indecisive on what you want to be when your an adult how is the best way for you to really know?

As I was going throught my hign school years more ideas on how I wanted to help the environment and us as humans kept coming to my mind. However, as time went by I found myself lock down with two many options and not being able which to choose. Yes, many people haved told me to worry about this...

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Angel Jan 16, 2018 627 views

How would you describe each college major and its potential in a sentence?

#career #major #potential #college #academic-advising

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Ibrahim Jan 17, 2018 934 views

i don't what to major in ?

because i have very little time to decide what to do in collage #college #college-major #undecided #career-counseling

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Lauren Jan 16, 2018 858 views

What are some majors that can actually be used in career

I don’t want to choose a major that will eventually be useless to me in the future. #college #college-major #career-counseling #academic-advising