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Tristan’s Avatar
Tristan Apr 07, 2015 1230 views

If i wanted to become a venture capitalist what steps would i take to do so?

Im interested in what it is venture capitalist do. #business #marketing #venture-capital #venture

Dominick’s Avatar
Dominick Mar 24, 2015 1570 views

How long will it take before I make at least 6 figures in business management and how long will it take until I get used to my job?

I am a high school senior and I want to pursue a career in business management. I want to know what it takes to be a good business manager. #business #management

Stephen’s Avatar
Stephen Mar 18, 2015 10269 views

What is the best technology major to choose in order to get a job at a big tech company like Apple, or Google.

I am a High School senior, and I have a passion for technology, but I do not want to major in computer science due to the intense amount of math. What other majors are available in order to still get a job at a major tech company. #technology #career-path #majors #google #apple