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Family Nurse Practitioner
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Phoenix, Arizona
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MK Apr 21 739 views

Family nurse practitioners, what is your salary and what state are you from?

Family nurse practitioners, what is your salary and what state are you from?

I am thinking of becoming a nurse practitioner and want to know salaries. thanks!

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Sheila Feb 15 955 views

Can you apply to a school for a BSN right after high school?

I'm a Junior in high school and I was doing some research on registered nurses. I am interested in becoming a nurse but I wanted to know if you can go straight to a school to become a nurse after graduating high school. Also, do you have to get your associate's in nursing first to get a BSN?

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan Jul 27, 2023 446 views

How to Become a Nurse Practitioner + Other Questions on the Profession

To any nurse practitioners out there available to answer questions, how did you get to where you are now (education-wise). I’m not quite sure how to get to being a practicing nurse practitioner-in any field- through education. From what I understand, you have to have a Masters of Nursing and...

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myah Jul 21, 2023 374 views

I want to become a nurse practitioner, what road do I take to becoming one? Will I have to attend a 4 year college?Is it better to?

I need more guidance and I want to be informed about majoring in nursing or in the medical field as a whole.

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Karizayeye Jun 20, 2023 424 views

How did you combat imposter syndrome as a new-graduate nurse? #spring23

I am a senior nursing student in the BSN program at CSUSB and I look forward to my rotation in the critical care unit. ICU/Critical care has been an area of interest coming into the nursing arena, however I appreciate it’s rigorous training, being a specialty field, and therefore feeling of...

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Roxana Apr 18, 2023 495 views

What was the most difficult part about becoming a registered nurse ?

It could be related to any sense

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Israel Apr 18, 2023 332 views

Do you need a medical degree to get a pilot license?

I'm confused about if you need a medical degree or not.

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Salem Mar 23, 2023 585 views

How do I decide what nursing specialty would be best for me?

I really like working with kids so I think I'd like pediatric nursing, but from what I've looked at I think being a nurse anesthetist would offer better pay. I'm more interested in pediatric nursing, but I have various ambitions that I think I would need to be very financially stable to...

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Mar 20, 2023 1190 views

How many years does it take to be a nurse practitioner?

advanced degree

kylie’s Avatar
kylie Feb 16, 2023 386 views

What do you plan on doing after high school?

I want to go into some type of nursing. I would have to go through college and medical school. It would be a lot of work and studying in order to be successful.

Kelly’s Avatar
Kelly Feb 09, 2023 380 views

Where would I even begin to be a registered nurse?

Planning to go to SF State and get into a nursing program.

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Dec 27, 2022 750 views

How do i prepare for Rn nursing?

I really want to do Rn but I really don't know what field is best for me. So I need advice on how to get to specialize in the right field of RN

Milan’s Avatar
Milan Nov 16, 2022 696 views

Is it better to wait to obtain your DNP? Is it better to gain experience as an RN before becoming an NP?

Is it better to spend some time working as an RN after obtaining your BSN, or is getting your DNP right after ungrad just as good? Pros and cons to practical work as an RN vs finishing DNP earlier without that experience. #FALL22

Lareecia’s Avatar
Lareecia Jan 23, 2022 456 views

If I want to take my pre-reqs at the university I also want to get my bsn at how would I do so?

I'm an 11th grader and I'm not sure where or how I can take my pre-reqs at college. #nursingschool #nursing

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Fernanda Dec 02, 2020 750 views

what process do you have to go through to become as a nurse practitioner?

#Nursing #Medicine