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Baraka Michael

As volunteer (registered nurse)
Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
Mbeya, Mbeya Region, Tanzania
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Carlie’s Avatar
Carlie Nov 27, 2023 539 views

How do I know what job will be right for me?

There are so many options, how do know what I go into is going to be the best fit.

Brenda’s Avatar
Brenda Feb 04, 2020 478 views

What is your definition of confidentiality?

#medical # #medicine

Madilynne’s Avatar
Madilynne Nov 21, 2023 608 views

How are scholarships awarded to people?

There are people in high school who get scholarships to different schools of their choice because they did something that made them get the scholarship but i am really confused as to how this happens.

Maria’s Avatar
Maria Feb 05, 2020 587 views

What do you like least about your work as registered nurses.?

#nursing #healthcare #medicine #registered-nurses #military #nurse

Dorothy’s Avatar
Dorothy Feb 04, 2020 589 views

What is your greatest attribute in the Nursing industry?

#nursing-education #healthcare #CNA