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clarence beryll esteban’s Avatar
clarence beryll esteban Mar 18, 2021 621 views

how to start vlogging on YouTube

I'm a model, and I studied in australia is almost over 1 year. However, Is quietly not really joyful if you don't do blogging in abroad so, while im here right now in my country philippines I want to learn how to set schedule and do right more things that makes me expose in social media while I...

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Apr 20, 2018 749 views

What is the most valuable skill PR firms look for in an intern?

I'm looking for internships right now, in your experience what is the most valuable skill an intern should have at your public relations firm?

#PR #publicrelations #internships

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Nov 28, 2018 610 views

I'm feeling lost in my Public Relations studies, considering applying for an "executive assistant" position.

I have an internship at a student-run agency at my university but I feel like I'm still not getting "real world" experience. Two of my foundational classes for my major were with terrible professors that no longer work for the department and I don't want to prolong my graduation any longer/pay...

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Paajcha Julie Apr 14, 2020 532 views

What is the most important skill a copywriter should have, in your opinion?

#job #copywriting #copywriter #advertising #advertisement #marketing #business #sales #writing #networking #career

Paajcha Julie’s Avatar
Paajcha Julie Apr 14, 2020 536 views

What is being a copywriter like?

What are the work hours for you? Are you self employed or work for a company? How do you come up with convincing scripts? Do you work in teams or on your own? Do you work remotely or on site? #work #career #marketing #business #advertising #advertisement #copywriting #copywriter #sales #job...