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Ash’s Avatar
Ash May 22, 2019 648 views

Can you be a nurse if you have epilepsy?

#nurse #health

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Jul 16, 2019 537 views

Whats the difference between Home Health Aids and Personal Care Aids

Hello, my name is Emily and I am a student at Clearfield, Utah Job Corps, and My overall goal is to become a Home Health Aid or a Personal Care Aid. But I would first like to know which would be better for myself. If you could please describe to me what the diffidence between them. Thank you...

Wendolyn’s Avatar
Wendolyn Aug 14, 2019 563 views

How do people advance in this career?

I am looking to get certifies as a nurse assistant, but would like to advance into a higher paying career similar to the same occupation. #nurse #healthcare #career #nursing

Clinton’s Avatar
Clinton Jul 20, 2020 576 views

How should nurses handle their workplace stress? As a nurse, it will be important for us to have a clear explanation of how to handle the emotionally and physically demanding aspects of our job.

During my nurse training, I attended a seminar where the speaker encouraged nurses to develop and maintain habits that support our health. He recommended finding a physical activity or hobby to pursue as a way to reduce stress. I took his advice and found a gym that offers a variety of classes,...

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah May 14, 2018 803 views

Should I get my ADN and go back later for my BSN or go for my BSN

I’ve heard and read about several people saying that going for four years is a waste of money because you do not do anything your first two years. My Career Prep. teacher said I should just do my ADN because nurses who have their BSN only make 25 cents more. I’m not sure what I want to do...

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 09, 2020 452 views

Do you have any time-management tricks other nurses could benefit from?

#healthcare #nurse-practitioner #nursing

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 14, 2020 540 views

How do nurses handle requests they disagree with?

#healthcare #registered-nurses

Vanisha’s Avatar
Vanisha Jul 22, 2020 480 views

Are doctors and nurses friendly to each other?

#doctor #nurses

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 22, 2020 462 views

What does a blocked artery look like?

#hospital #medical

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 14, 2020 672 views

what does a typical day look like as a critical care nurse?

#nursing #medical

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 08, 2020 505 views

What skill do nurses use most throughout the day?

These would probably help me in the future. #nurse #hospital-and-health-care

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 14, 2020 495 views

What nursing publications do you subscribe to?

I want to subscribe to these publications to prepare myself for a future in the field. #neonatal #registered-nurses

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 14, 2020 472 views

Where does a nurse get their clinical experience?

#nursing #medical

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 14, 2020 904 views

What types of charting systems are there that nurses use?

#nursing #healthcare

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 08, 2020 510 views

How difficult is it to become a full time nurse?

I'm not really worried on being at the hospital full time but I would like to know? #nursing