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Laurinburg, North Carolina

Within 40 mile radius
Jerry’s Avatar
Jerry Feb 25 641 views

Is Biology a good major?

I'm was thinking of majoring in biology

Arnitrious’s Avatar
Arnitrious Dec 14, 2023 669 views

What are your greatest strengths?

Creative thinking and Task prioritization,Discipline, Determination,Analytical thinking.

uriah’s Avatar
uriah Nov 26, 2023 292 views

how did you officially get into what you do now as a profession how is the income? and how is your profession going as of now??

how did you officially get into what you do now as a profession? how is the income? and how is your profession going as of now?

evan’s Avatar
evan Oct 31, 2023 8919 views

How much money do Marines make and is it worth it ?

Ive always wanted to be in the marine corps but now that i have gotten older i started to think about the problems and issues with being in the marine corps. For example whats the money like and is it really worth it to join or not.

Skyeler’s Avatar
Skyeler Sep 18, 2023 572 views

Why should I be living up to my parents dreams?

Why should I be living up to my parents dreams?

Staying’s Avatar
Staying Sep 02, 2023 386 views

What career paths might be good for me?

I love to help others, but can't handle a lot of stress/pressure for long. I don't need 6 figures, but I want to immigrate to Canada and want a job that will be good there.

I would prefer the job be more on the safe side, but I'm fine with risk or minor injuries (bruise, scratches, sore muscles)

Desiree’s Avatar
Desiree Jul 14, 2023 300 views

what do i need to do as an high schooler to succeed in becoming a pediatric psychologist.?

I AM IN THE 10TH GRADE BUT I AM 16. I really WANT TO BECOME A CHILD PSYCHOLOGIST , I know it will take time so i also want to be a mental health technician for a while I am just a little lost and need guidance.

Soraya’s Avatar
Soraya Jul 10, 2023 456 views

Why is it hard to stay determined ?

I am very self-driven. But sometimes, I doubt myself and feel like I can't accomplish the goals I set for myself. It could be I need to more reasons to stay determined, but that's a struggle too.

Rodney’s Avatar
Rodney Oct 25, 2021 481 views

What we use the site for

#career #job

Brooklynn’s Avatar
Brooklynn Feb 10, 2021 894 views

What personality do you need to be a police officer

I want to become a police officer but know on thinks I can. My personality type is ESJT. #criminal-justice

caroline’s Avatar
caroline Jul 07, 2020 477 views

What do I all do while being in sprots medicine?

I love to travel and I am in love with sports, i am the o ly girl on the boys football team, and i play soccer, and body build at age of 14. Traveling with sports teams and being in sprots medicine, would be awesome #sports-medicine

caroline’s Avatar
caroline Jul 07, 2020 591 views

What all do i need to do in order to get into sports medicine?

I really want to go into sports medicine, but I need to know what I need to do #sports-medicine

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Jun 23, 2020 11378 views

How much does it cost to be a pediatrician

I want to become a pediatrician when I get older, and just want more details about the job #pediatrics

Brooklynn’s Avatar
Brooklynn Jun 03, 2020 546 views

Which has a better salary Mechanics , Technologist, or a Vet?

I love animals but also I love to fix cars and machines #job

Brooklynn’s Avatar
Brooklynn May 21, 2020 525 views

How do I find the right mechanic good in North Carolina I want to work at Plastik in Hamlet North Carolina becauses its right down the street from my house

I wanna stay close to home when i grow up. And not move around that much. #Home #career

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