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Limavady, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Within 40 mile radius
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Everleigh May 23 857 views

Where is the best cafe to work at fir a 14 Yr old in limavaday ?

A good cafe to work at in limavaday at the age of 14 years old

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Yasmine Apr 29, 2022 889 views

How did you get into your current job? what is your story? did you know you wanted to do that? what was your struggle?

I just want to know your story and get a lesson or be inspired.

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Yasmine Nov 16, 2021 1096 views

What to write on my personal statement, for marketing?

I am writing my personal statement, therefore I would like some tips on how to properly write it.
#marketing #business #university #personalstatement #write #college #writing

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Yasmine Oct 20, 2021 809 views

How can I be more creative? as a student that wants to study marketing, I feel like I am not very creative. How marketing professionals come up with those creative and great ideas?

I am a student interested in marketing, I am willing to learn more about sector. #marketing #business #marketing-and-advertising #communication #question #answer

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Yasmine Oct 15, 2021 529 views

What companies offer a job in marketing around the world or specifically in the UK (Northern Ireland)

I am a student interested in studying marketing, however, i would like to know what companies offer a job in this sector. This could be for the future or it could be for a work experience. #marketing #business #career #business-management

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Yasmine Oct 14, 2021 656 views

What can I do as a student in this pandemic season? What opportunities can I take? What can I do to have experience?

I want to study marketing, this is my last year school, #marketing #opportunities #business #internship

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Yasmine Oct 08, 2021 493 views

What can I do before I go to uni study Marketing? what can I do while I am in school?

I am currently studying year 14 in the UK and I want to study Marketing in university #marketing .

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Jordan May 26, 2016 1777 views

What is life after college like?

After I graduate, I don't expect to be able to get a job the moment I leave. How do I get on my feet after I graduate even though I'll be drowning in student debt? I'm not sure what will be needed after I graduate college! #college #after-college

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan May 26, 2016 1194 views

What can you do with an English degree besides teaching?

I've always wanted to teach, but if things don't work out, I'm not sure what I can do with an English degree since it seems that each job requires something other than an English degree! #teaching #english

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Saad Apr 27, 2014 10495 views

Can you be an Undercover FBI or CIA and a Medical Doctor at the same time? If so, can you be trained for an Undercover FBI agent during your University years?

I am interested in Medicine and in doing investigations. #medicine #fbi

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