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Winchester, Tennessee

Within 40 mile radius
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Steven Apr 27 203 views

can i learn Japanese language from youtube ?

can i learn Japanese language from youtube ?

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Natalie Feb 14 649 views

How did y'all choose your major?

I have a lot of different interest and I'm having a hard time figure what route I'd like to go. Do I focus more on what I enjoy or more on what would make me more financially stable in today's world.

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Blanca Aug 16, 2023 246 views

What is necessary to bring to the college dorm if I want to live in the dormitories?

Senior, Warren County High School

Blanca’s Avatar
Blanca Aug 16, 2023 265 views

How do I know that the college I apply to will help me in the future?

Senior, Warren County High School

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Wendy May 08, 2020 600 views

What is the percentage of women in the physical therapy career field?


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anabel May 07, 2020 486 views

I know I want to work in the pediatric field, but I don't know exactly I want to be. I do know I don't want to do any surgery.


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anabel Mar 03, 2020 814 views

What is the best way to study for the ACT?

I am a sophomore in high school and I am fixing to take the ACT. I have to make at least a 21 in order to do duel enrollment. #studying-tips #act #college

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Anabel Feb 28, 2020 657 views

If I do duel enrollment what classes should I take to help in college?

I am sophomore. I want to become a pediatric oncology nurse. #college #nurse

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Cali Apr 30, 2019 925 views

What are some things that are the same about Elementary and Middle School?

#education #career #school #teacher #teaching

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Lillian Mar 05, 2019 462 views

What is the best microprocessor for gameing purposes?

My boyfriend plays a lot of games and so do I but we can never agree on what is best #tech

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Albany Jan 07, 2019 748 views

how much does it cost to go to collage to be a singer

What collage should i go to ? To become a singer and how much will i get payed . How long do i have to be in collage to become a singer?

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Andrew Oct 02, 2018 612 views

Are there any specific scholarships for students pursuing engineering in Alabama?

#engineering #scholarships

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Axel Aug 25, 2018 634 views

Where can I find scholarships that involve Optometry?

#scholarships #optometry

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Axel Aug 25, 2018 776 views

What are some tips on becoming a optometrist?

#optometrist #optometry #eyes

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Megan Aug 14, 2018 531 views

What major is best for an aspiring Occupational Therapist?

#majors #occupationaltherapist

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