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McLean, Virginia
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Harry May 13, 2020 681 views

How do you get a lab internship as a high school student?

I would love to know, be introduced, or be given with any tips towards getting into a lab internship as a high school student specifically inside the pediatrics, behavior science, or Autism related lab research.
#internship #student #highschool #science #research

Akshay’s Avatar
Akshay Mar 29, 2019 814 views

What all possible jobs can I do now at the age of 18 to reach my goal of becoming an astrophysicist?

#astrophysics #astronomy #physics #smallJob

Raphael’s Avatar
Raphael Nov 30, 2019 2409 views

What double major should I choose between maths and physics with a major in computer science ?

#computer-science #math #math #college-major #computer-science #college-major #physics #college #doublemajor

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Feb 01, 2020 592 views

What kind of projects do physics majors work on?

Do you work in R&D or just research? How do you work with scientists of other fields? #research #science #physics

Hailin’s Avatar
Hailin Apr 20, 2020 1075 views

What can you do with both a statistics(or applied math) degree and an economics degree?

I am interested in statistics, applied math, and economics, but don't know people who had double-majored in these areas. Just wondering what your working experience is like before and after graduation. How is your day like and what is the best part of your job? Much thanks! #math #career...