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James Lein

Emeritus Professor of Geography
Educational Instruction and Library Occupations
Athens, Ohio
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Joel Oct 28, 2020 555 views

What does it take to become a geographer?

Geography has always been a passion of mine. I grew up in a diverse neighborhood and I'm familiar with many different cities, flags, countries, monuments, etc. as not everyone in my neighborhood was American. Ever since I won my 7th grade Geography Bee, I knew geography was one of my strengths....

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Joel Oct 28, 2020 728 views

How much do geographers make yearly (on average)?

I've recently been interested in knowing how much geographers make in a year on average. I've tried to research but all the information provides different numbers than the others. I'd like to know what the average pay is per year, I understand it depends on many different factors but even a...

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Emma Jul 30, 2020 1058 views

Networking virtually?

What are some tips for networking with potential employers when everything is online?

#JULY20 #law #covid19 #virtual #legal #july

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Karoline Jul 23, 2020 1248 views

What is the average class size of introductory courses?

#classes #high-school-classes

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Daniela Jul 22, 2020 487 views

Describe the college application process

#college-application #college-prep

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James Jul 22, 2020 536 views

Where should I go after college to start my wildland firefighting career?

#July2020 #wildland #career #firefighting #college

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Margot Jul 13, 2020 761 views

How do I narrow down focus on a career if I want to work in environmental science but also study how to mitigate its effects on society (environmental justice)?

I am a rising senior in high school and I am trying to figure out where I should apply to college and what career path I should pursue. I know I have time to decide what major, but I feel the need to focus my activities and classes on a more specific topic so my effort can go further in helping...