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Winona Dec 08, 2021 342 views

In Business Management what are the various things you do in that field?

#business-management #management #business #entrepreneur #internship

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justin Nov 09, 2021 387 views

Why should I pick marketing?

I want to be a marketing manager

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Sakura Jul 31, 2020 468 views

What are some career paths within the business side of healthcare?


Winona’s Avatar
Winona Nov 04, 2021 446 views

Would I be able to be my own boss, if I majored in business management?

I want to pursue my own business, and I heard that business management could help me reach that goal. #business #entrepreneur #management #business-management #college#collegemajor

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Yew Kin Aug 08, 2020 959 views

How To Politely Interrupt the Conversation?

I face many situations where the recipient is talking too much and straying away from the main focus. I understand that it's good to let the other person elaborate about their own interests and passions (Remember How to Win Friends and Influence People). However, I find it a huge time waster,...

Kourtney’s Avatar
Kourtney Nov 22, 2021 303 views

what are the best steps someone should take to prepare for a role like yours in this field ?

I am interested in the medical field. #healthcare #medical #medicine

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Kari Oct 27, 2020 544 views

On your team, how do your colleagues show initiative in the virtual workplace?

#technology #business-management #virtual

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Ethan Oct 12, 2020 1546 views

How should I go about asking questions in job interviews?

I am a communications and film double major wanting a career in the entertainment industry. #career-choice #jobs #networking #interview

Devin’s Avatar
Devin Sep 16, 2020 437 views

What's a great way to not forgetting things?

Write it down on a piece of paper (OR just type it on a digital #creative-writing notepad)

Umair’s Avatar
Umair Feb 01, 2020 1824 views

For Business Development/Partnerships/Strategy professionals in Tech or Business: what type of skills, methodologies, and frameworks have you developed over time in order to do well in your job and have a positive impact towards your organization?

I’m currently a senior @ Rutgers University studying IT & Entrepreneurship. Highly interested in starting a career in the business side of Tech and would like to one day lead the transaction of billion dollar deals and market partnerships. #business #entrepreneur #strategy #business development...

Trey’s Avatar
Trey Dec 27, 2016 1333 views

What is the difference between sales and marketing?

Looking for jobs I see both of these terms used constantly, but is there actually a difference? #marketing #sales

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Feb 26, 2017 2198 views

What is the most important soft skill for someone pursuing a career in sales managing?

My name is Tyler, I am in 12th grade at Pioneer Valley Regional School in Western Massachusetts. In my money managing class we are doing a unit to help widen our range of possible careers to pursue in college. As a result of my research and career quizzes, a potential career that came up for me...

Zemira’s Avatar
Zemira Aug 22, 2020 467 views

I know networking is important, but how do I start and where do I go?

#networking #future