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Jamin’s Avatar
Jamin Feb 12, 2021 807 views

What are some useful study habits?

I have a habit of procrastinating, so currently, I'm working on how I can properly organize my time management. So I just want to know if there's any advice to improve on procrastination and my work ethic. #student

Sue’s Avatar
Sue Feb 07, 2021 964 views

How to choose which college to attend?

#college #highschoolstudent

Maureen’s Avatar
Maureen Feb 08, 2021 1085 views

How do you become a graphic designer with a full time job?

I took a few GD classes in college and have done a few jobs for friends but, I have a long ways to go. I want to become a graphic designer and get out of my sales position. It is hard because I also have to pay rent and do not want to go back to college. Any advice? #graphic-design...

Mattia Alessandro’s Avatar
Mattia Alessandro Feb 06, 2021 839 views

How high should my C/C++ skills to be add into a resume

I'm learning how to code in C and C++ in high school, we are doing arrays, funcionts and so on. But we haven't done any object programming.
Is ti a valuable skill that i can include in my Resume ?
#high-school #coding #programming