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Tanaia Oct 01, 2013 27392 views

What computer languages do computer science majors study in college?

I really want to start to learn programming but my high school does not have a programming class. When I go to college I want to major in computer science, so I thought I would try to learn the language that I'm going to be learning in college. What computer languages do computer science majors...

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Oct 01, 2013 120440 views

What's the difference between a computer programmer and a software engineer?

Some people say I should be a programmer, but I can't figure out the difference from a software engineer. Please help. #engineer #computer #software #programming

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Oct 01, 2013 11078 views

How did you become confident in your programming abilities?

I started trying to learn to program, and I want to ask professional programmers how you became confident in your skills. Did it take you a long time? When did you know you were really awesome at programming? #engineering #programming #confidence

Robert’s Avatar
Robert Oct 01, 2013 3311 views

Do you really use math in your job?

For people who work with computers, did your highschool math class really teach you anything that you use in your job? Sometimes math class is okay, but most of the time its just really really really boring. Do I even need to know this stuff? Sometimes I get the work, but some of the really...

Nishant95’s Avatar
Nishant95 Jul 02, 2013 1707 views

Career as a game developer

I have always wanted to be in the gaming industry,as mmos and video games have always fascinated me and every now and then i have some ideas about a game so I finally decided to leave game developing,but the problem is I am in commerce stream so what is the basic qualification I need and where...