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Student Voices by CV’s Avatar
Student Voices by CV Oct 06, 2015 1604 views

As a senior in high school, what can I do, now, to begin preparing for the MCAT?

This question comes from a student with an interest in pursuing a career in the medical field as a general surgeon.

Audie’s Avatar
Audie Sep 02, 2015 1291 views

What are some prerequisites to game design and programming? (i.e. 3d modeling, scripting, etc).

I was just wondering if there were any programs where I could start practicing how to do these things. I have experience with some 3D design and some coding skills in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, and a bit of PHP. It would also be nice if someone would recommend to me some sourced game...

Reece’s Avatar
Reece Sep 03, 2015 1904 views

On average how much does someone with a Computer Science degree make right out of school?

I am interested in Majoring in Computer Science and was just curious how much someone right out of school would make in a base salary job and how easy it would be to find a job in that career field? #computer-science #computer-engineering #information-technology

Wade-Noah ’s Avatar
Wade-Noah Apr 08, 2015 1114 views

How many years does it take to get a bachelor's degree?

I want a bachelor's degree

Erin’s Avatar
Erin Dec 16, 2014 1135 views

Is there a way to learn online about how to program an Arduino board?

I am in an internship and my team needs someone to know how to program an Arduino board. I volunteered but I am finding it hard to find any online courses for the arduino. #programmer #arduino-programming

Billien ’s Avatar
Billien Mar 23, 2015 1420 views

Im currently in highschool trying to figure out in what aspect of computer programmimg would I like to be in?

trying to find out if computer programming would be a good career for me #computer #program

Ivan’s Avatar
Ivan Mar 17, 2014 1313 views

What should I expect in the Computer Science field?

As in; What work should I be expecting to do #computer-science #computer

Maeve’s Avatar
Maeve Apr 29, 2014 1565 views

What should you do over the summer when you are in college?

What are your suggestions for summers during your college years. Should you look for a job or find an internship. #job #summer

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Apr 10, 2014 3126 views

what's so great about being a computer programmer?

can someone help me. #computer #help #computer-programming #computer-engineer

Jonya’s Avatar
Jonya Oct 03, 2013 4353 views

What is the worst kind of day in your job in software engineering?

I wonder if there's something bad about being in software engineering. What's the worst thing about your job in the form of a day that might be really tough for you or unpleasant? I do not want to tell you what my guess is, because I want to know what the real answer is based on your...

Mike Henderson’s Avatar
Mike Feb 29, 2012 4075 views

How do you manage getting your work done in a short amount of time?

Answers would help i don't have a enough time to finish and I'm a slow typer why cant we work on paper. #college #management #work

Tanaia’s Avatar
Tanaia Oct 01, 2013 26081 views

What computer languages do computer science majors study in college?

I really want to start to learn programming but my high school does not have a programming class. When I go to college I want to major in computer science, so I thought I would try to learn the language that I'm going to be learning in college. What computer languages do computer science majors...