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Randy Chronister, MBA, PMP

Project Analyst at Fannie Mae
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Chicago, Illinois
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Christian’s Avatar
Christian May 13, 2016 897 views

How should I go about looking at college majors if those that I am interested in may not be the best for supporting a future family?

I'm asking this to help me figure out wither a job I enjoy is better than a job that would economically set me for the future. #college

Deja’s Avatar
Deja May 13, 2016 881 views

Can you change classes in college if you dont like your major?

I recently attempted to learn calculus in high school and was failing miserably and my counselor was unable to let me change it until the grading period was over even though the year just started. #teacher #counselor

Katelin’s Avatar
Katelin May 12, 2016 929 views

Would it be a good idea to buy real estate and then rent out parts of it during college

I want to get an easy way to pay for my housing. #college #financial-aid #housing #real-estate-investing

Jonovin’s Avatar
Jonovin May 12, 2016 880 views

how long will my career be

because i might give up if it takes to long #football

Karen’s Avatar
Karen May 11, 2016 3043 views

Commute or dorm?

I want to hear anyone's experiences of commuting or dorming for school and what was their experiences with that. The pros and cons and the reality of each situation. #college #experience #college-life #benefits

sierra’s Avatar
sierra May 10, 2016 907 views

How easy is it to get the courses you want at the times that are convenient for you?

Also as medical student, I know that the college program I want to go into fills up quickly, what can I do to increase my chance of getting the classes? #college #college-prep

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony May 10, 2016 1116 views

Can I make a living as an actor?

It is my dream career to be on the stage performing. #musical-theatre #live-theatre

Victoria’s Avatar
Victoria May 09, 2016 891 views

In college classes of large size, what's the best way to learn and develop a relationship with the professor?

I'm going to a large college but want the teacher to know me not just be some number. #college #professor

Calvin’s Avatar
Calvin May 09, 2016 1592 views

Should I minor in a subject?

How much of a benefit (in terms of career) does a minor give in addition to a major? Do people with minors have major advantages over those who don't? Is a minor recommended? #college #university #major #majors-and-minors