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Luis Jul 29, 2021 697 views

What should i learn if i want to get a career in computer science?

#computer-science #computer #science #technology #computer-programming

ABHINAV’s Avatar
ABHINAV Oct 22, 2016 1059 views

Which programming language is the most preferred one by employers?

Because am currently finishing my masters and i'm trying to gain some expertise in any specific language that's better preferred by employers #programming #it #software-development #game-development #it-management

Satyajit’s Avatar
Satyajit Apr 18, 2015 1416 views

software engineering

Dear sir i would like to know about software engineering course and want to know it falls under which category IT COMPUTER SCIENCE OR any other.... I am 12 passed non medical.. If i want to do diploma in software engineering do i have to take admission in DOPLOMA IN IT??? DO REPLY ME...

Paco’s Avatar
Paco Dec 02, 2021 379 views

How much free time do you get

How much free time do you get where you can actually do something you enjoy? #time-management

Ashwini’s Avatar
Ashwini Dec 03, 2021 477 views

ISB Hyderabad and IIM Bangalore - which one is a better institute to study MBA?

#business #college #student