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Zimmerman, Minnesota
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My primary career goal is to find something in a scientific field that suits me, as a researcher. I also would settle for something in the IT department, and I am very interested in coding.



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Benjamin Feb 07, 2022 942 views

What is the easiest order for learning coding languages, and what websites are best for learning them?

I am interested in code and was wondering if someone who was experienced in using online websites to learn code could tell me which websites work best. I have also heard from a few people that certain coding languages are better to learn first than others. Thank you for your time....

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Benjamin Feb 07, 2022 742 views

How difficult is it to obtain a job as a researcher for a cure for cancer?

I am aware such a job may be a little far-fetched, however, I want to know just how difficult it is to get into such a field of work. I also was wondering what kind of pay and work conditions would accompany such a job. Thank you for your time. #job #career #job-search #science #biology

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Benjamin Feb 07, 2022 696 views

I'm interested in science and coding fields, what kinds of jobs would best suit me?

I am a student who I have found thinks in a more logical, factual way than others. I have also found that I am fascinated in biology and how cancer works, however I am also intrigued by the inner workings of computers and enjoy coding. I am very uncertain of the full scope of options that are...