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Paiton Oct 29, 2020 314 views

Is it very difficult to become a psychiatrist?


Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Sep 28, 2021 258 views

What would put me on the right path to be a psychiatrist

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Kinley’s Avatar
Kinley Apr 16, 2018 801 views

What are the differences between the work a pyschiatrist does and the work a psychologist does

I have interest in being a psychologist or psychiatrist but I am bit fuzzy on the difference between the two.
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Ange Pacifique’s Avatar
Ange Pacifique Nov 02, 2021 218 views

How can one be sure of the career path they want to take.

#medecine #psychiatry

francessca’s Avatar
francessca Apr 26, 2019 383 views

What are other jobs that are available in mental health?

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Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine Apr 18, 2022 406 views

How do I pick just one career path?

Hi, I honestly have no idea what career would be best for me. One I could succeed in, I want to be a nurse but at the same time a photographer and a writer. I do write stories because I have a lot of ideas in my head, and photography my dad got me into that and I love it. I am only in high...

Abby’s Avatar
Abby Apr 06, 2022 309 views

What's the difference between working in a lab and working in R&D for a company?

I'm graduating with my bachelor's degree in physics this May (yay!), and I learned that I loved working in the lab, performing experiments, doing computational analyses, drawing conclusions, etc. I'd love to work in a lab at some point but there seem to be a lot of entry barriers for physicists...