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Charlie Boyd

Service Delivery Manager
Computer and Mathematical Occupations
San Antonio, Texas
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Emma Jul 26, 2023 663 views

How do you feel confident in your career in education?

How do you help feel qualified or confident in your career choice when you are dealing with imposter syndrome as a future teacher (of ag)? I am a sophomore and I am struggling with feeling disconnected from the future profession and anxiety about not know whether or not I’ll be good till after...

123’s Avatar
123 Jun 04, 2022 605 views

What Major Should I Choose?

If I like geometry, what majors and careers will fit me?

Armella’s Avatar
Armella May 31, 2022 448 views

When you are about to start the day, what are your first duties ?

I like to start each day by going over any schedule to make sure any calls or meetings I have are top of mind and I get any prep work for those done first thing . Then, I usually answer my emails while i'm still fresh.

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Leviticus Jun 03, 2022 868 views

what is the best way to network with people in the industry

i don't really try to keep up with people that much. Most times I'm too caught up in my work.

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Christopher Jun 03, 2022 547 views

What steps did you take to get to your position today?

I have graduated high school in 2015, but have struggled to get into the trades of my choice. I want to know what you did in order to get into your trade, as well as any advice that you could give if you were to do anything differently. Also, just to specify further, I am interested in two...