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Daniel Krashin

Hardware Engineer
Macon, Georgia
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Amente Jul 07 216 views

College football athlete

As a athlete how do I prepare for college football.

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Nana Ama May 30 378 views

Is there a point where medicine and coding meet?

What jobs combine medicine and computer-science?

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Kurt Andrey Feb 07 241 views

How long should I stay for a job in the future?

High school student, future engineering student #engineering #engineer #student #college #job

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Shaurya Aug 04, 2014 3023 views

What is the future for Computer Hardware Engineering

Will there be any jobs in future for Hardware Engineers? What kind of companies hire them? Is it better to do Computer Science and Engineering?

P.S: I just started in community college and planning to transfer to UCLA. #computer #hardware #hardware-architecture

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jesus May 16, 2016 871 views

Is there a difference in demand for software or hardware engineers right now?

I am interested in both and can't really decide which one to pursue for a career. This could be a factor in my decision #engineering #engineer #software #hardware