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Jayden’s Avatar
Jayden Jun 17 558 views

How could I decide what which extracurricular activities or internships are most beneficial for biotech engineers Also, I wanted to know if networking would be important for a career in biotechnology, if so how could I do so? #Spring23?

I'm a junior in highschool and I was really struggling with what activites I should pursue that would be best for biotechnology. I'm graduating next year so it seems I don't have much time left so I really need to hurry and decide. Also, I've heard networking is really important in a lot of...

Makhalath’s Avatar
Makhalath Apr 25 727 views

How do I ask for time to consider a job offer without seeming like I’m not interested? #Spring2024


Angeliana’s Avatar
Angeliana Feb 06 775 views

Back with another question for another career project. I just need to ask: Is there things like promotions for behavioral therapists/phycologists and what are they?

I Want to get into the field so other that research on the computer, so any feedback from those within the field would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and I wish you a great day/night!

Angeliana’s Avatar
Angeliana Dec 08, 2023 665 views

What is it like working as a behavioral therapist/CBT ?

I'm doing a finals project involving where I see myself in 10-15+ years and I really took an interest to therapy related things (specifically mental health and such since 8th grade and going on freshmen), so I was hoping that I can have some insight into the life of a CBT/behavioral therapist.

Sandy’s Avatar
Sandy Oct 25, 2023 385 views

Hello. I am interested in nursing. What is the best school for nursing Does it require a special test to be admitted to a nursing school? Is Gordon State College a good school for nurses?

Are there any special test to be admitted to nursing school? Is it hard to be admitted to a nursing school?

Bricen’s Avatar
Bricen Sep 02, 2023 278 views

What drove you to make you become an entrepreneur? What are the different types of platforms you use to make a successful living ?

I’m a high school boy who’s just curious about making money online and what I need to do to get in that business game.

BJ’s Avatar
BJ Aug 23, 2023 489 views

What career-path should i take if i want to be my own boss. ?

What career-path should i take if i want to be my own boss.

Safa’s Avatar
Safa Jul 18, 2023 282 views

How can I make money online at 13?

Maybe like a few hundred dollars a month? I've tried surveys' but they either don't pay well or don't accept me to take the survey. I need a bit more of a stable way that doesn't take much of my time.

Cat’s Avatar
Cat Jul 05, 2023 364 views

Which category of forensics should I choose?

I want to go into forensic science but there are so many categories that I don't know which to choose. Could you help me?

alexzia’s Avatar
alexzia Jun 28, 2023 272 views

How do I not get bored of doing something at a college when I have many interest?

Hi, my names Alexzia in going to the 11thgrade and in starting top stress out about my future because it is really around the corner! I don't know what college I want to go to nor what I want to do since I like a lot of things, and I really like many different things and I can get bored very...

Ronniesha’s Avatar
Ronniesha Feb 28, 2023 362 views

computer science ?

How does computer science work and would this be a good career for me ?

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Oct 28, 2021 535 views

For those in Sound Engineering, have you found that working in that career field has been fulfilling and enriching to your life in anyway?

#audio-engineer #audio-engineering #audio #sound-engineer

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Oct 28, 2021 452 views

With Sound Engineering, how much time would you say you devote to your job?

#engineering #engineer #job #career

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Oct 28, 2021 587 views

In a career like Sound Engineering, what exactly do you do on a normal day to day basis

My name is Joshua Spurgeon and I am currently a Bamberg, SC Job Corps student. I have a very creative mind and I enjoy creating #audio-engineering #audio

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor Sep 18, 2020 418 views

what is it like being a Cognitive Therapist? what do you have to do qualify to be a Cognitive Therapist?

what is the day to day life of a normal of a Cognitive Therapist? what do you do on your day to day life? whats the job like and such. and also, what do you have to do to qualify and work as a Cognitive Therapist? i want to know so i can be one, one day. #Cognitive-therapy #career

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