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Dennis Aug 04 226 views

Any advice for Starting an electrical apprenticeship right out of trade school?

Im currently attending trade school working on building my foundation and i would really appriciate any feedback or information on getting into the electrical field. Thanks in advance!

Miracle’s Avatar
Miracle Jul 29 104 views

Q3: I guess based off my words, what do you think will be a good major for me in the science field?

Hi, my name is Miracle and I’m about to start college in the fall, but I’m not sure what to major in and I was hoping that having a scientist answer my questions then that might give me some insight on what to major in. I know these aren’t ideal questions, but I’ve always loved science and...

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Jul 30 192 views

I love to do stuff with my hands but I don’t know what career I want can you help me pls

I love algebra and I wanna do a job that I do stuff with my hands build an item and I wanna be in the engineering department but I don’t know what type is the best or the medical field but I don’t want it to be a lot of years of studying I don’t like sitting on a desk or using the computer...

Eshara’s Avatar
Eshara Jul 11 251 views

What can I expect when becoming a Speech Pathologist? The pros and cons?

I’m currently switching careers into Speech Language Pathology. I’m finishing up my prerequisite courses and is looking to apply for grad school.

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allyson Aug 18, 2018 311 views

how hard is to become a veterinarian?

hello,I am Allyson and I am in 7th grade and I attend Mullins school and attend stem for the Verizon invitation learning and when I get older I want to be a veterinarian. I love animals and if I see am animal hurt I will try to help it. Do any of of you guys know where the greatest vets are to...

Pamela’s Avatar
Pamela Mar 15 124 views

What are some positive or negative aspects about being an electrician?

I am studying in Job Corps and hope to finish facility maintenance and then move on to becoming a journeyman.