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Victor Oct 03, 2022 830 views

How do i start my own business in automotive?

vendor number permit

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Alyssa Jul 19, 2022 839 views

What do i need to know about becoming a vet or chef.

What are great tips i need to know about becoming a vet or chef.

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Jul 26, 2022 626 views

Which careers/jobs have the fastest growth in Kansas?

I recently moved to Kansas, and was curious about its growing/dominant industries.

Jake’s Avatar
Jake Jan 16, 2018 783 views

What is the advancement potential in the field of Forensic Science? And what is a typical path?

I was accepted into the Forensic Science program at several schools, one being West Virginia University and would like to know what to expect after receiving my college degree. #forensic #college-major #career-choice #WestVirginiaUniversity #science #college #forensic-science

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Logan Dec 03, 2019 539 views

What types of procedures do you follow in the event of a potential forest fire?

Life in the outdoors is my one of favorite hobbies. #career-choice

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David Sep 07, 2022 692 views

Where to start as a fresh EMT?

When I become an EMT, where should i start? a hospital's "In house" ambulance service, a fire department, or an independent ambulance contractor for the local area? what are the benefits to either approach, what's seen as the better choice for beginners?