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Jayda Harwell

Senior Talent Acquisition Operations Specialist
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Office and Administrative Support Occupations
Houston, Texas
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da Aug 08, 2023 394 views

What is the hardest part about becoming a grown-up?

Diffucult to provide for yourself?

sharilys’s Avatar
sharilys May 31, 2023 375 views

how do i start a job search?

where can i go to look for jobs

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Dec 13, 2022 821 views

In your career, was there any obstacles that almost drove you away?

There are always cons to a job, but was there anything bad enough that almost made you stop what you love to do?

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Dec 13, 2022 1186 views

What type of career could I do in psychology?

I am interested in psychology, but I do not know what careers are included in that. Can anyone recommend careers or share information about theirs that will help me choose? Thank you.

Kyle’s Avatar
Kyle Jan 18, 2018 1322 views

If you had another chance, what would you change?

When talking about college, I always hear people say "I wish I would have. . ." or "I probably should have. . ."

I'd like to get the most out of my time in college and not waste a single minute. If you had another chance, what would you change?

#college #college-advice #career-advice #advice

Leviticus’s Avatar
Leviticus Jun 03, 2022 861 views

what is the best way to network with people in the industry

i don't really try to keep up with people that much. Most times I'm too caught up in my work.

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Jul 27, 2022 1280 views

Work Parties: To do or not to do?

I tend towards being somewhat shy and introverted. I'm not a misanthrope, but I find long periods of human interaction draining. This fact is one of the main reasons that I avoided work parties at my old job. The other reason was because I did not like 50% of my coworkers, and the idea of...