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DaneeshaNFTEBxAero . Jan 18, 2012 20891 views

What are the main challenges an entrepreneur faces when starting up a business?

I am an entrepreneur in high school and I plan to have my business up and running by the end of this year. However, I want to know the main problems that entrepreneurs face so that I am better prepared to handle them when they cross my path. #business #entrepreneurship...


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Matthew W. Jun 29, 2016 1072 views

As an aspiring leader and entrepreneur, what are three books I must read?

I am 19 years old at university. This summer I've immersed myself in a variety of texts ranging from philosophy to leadership advice. I still am, however, looking for that one book to spark a certain inspiration. If you have any book recommendations, I would love to hear it. #entrepreneurship...

#books #leadership #recommendation #reading #philosophy

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ethel A. Aug 22, 2016 664 views

How likely is it to be a sports commentator?

i have always wanted to be one but i would like to know the likelihood of pursuing that career. #sports #television #sports-journalism...


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Mitchell M. Aug 25, 2016 517 views

How many students a year trying and make it as a golf professional?

Just trying to get the most accurate odds of the reality of making it pro in golf?...


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Michael G. Sep 28, 2016 1200 views
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Odalis H. Mar 08, 2017 664 views
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Louis H. Apr 29, 2018 640 views

When can I call myself a successful entrepreneur?

My name is Louis, and I've always felt that my path in life has never fit with the typical hours of the 9-5 cubicle career that so many others are content with. I enjoy having control and determining things for myself, rather than allowing others to dictate what, when, and how I should do...