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Amrit Bhandari

Senior Data Analyst
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Atlanta, Georgia
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mateo Feb 26 554 views

As 11th grader,I can't seem to figure out what career path?

As an 11th grader, I can't seem to figure out what career path to choose even after trying so hard?
I'm in 11th right now with medical stream as my father wants me to become a doctor but i don't think I want to become a doctor?

Dylia’s Avatar
Dylia Feb 26 414 views

What will I do ?

Iam interested in accounting. However, I sometimes feel worried because Iam just an average at Math. Do you think I should pursue at college?

Mary’s Avatar
Mary Feb 11 780 views

Why is it hard to know what you want in life/?

I'm having hard time to know what I really want in my life

Betany’s Avatar
Betany Feb 11 862 views

What is the best major for college?

I'm in 12th grade thinking of a major for college

Natalie’s Avatar
Natalie Feb 14 581 views

How did y'all choose your major?

I have a lot of different interest and I'm having a hard time figure what route I'd like to go. Do I focus more on what I enjoy or more on what would make me more financially stable in today's world.

Thane’s Avatar
Thane Jan 25 813 views

How do I find a career/major I am interested in?

I am struggling to find a career to go to college for, any suggestions?

Ayden’s Avatar
Ayden Jan 28 1028 views

Why should I go to college directly after High School?

I was thinking of taking a year to two year period where I don’t go to college to help build my financial security. I am currently in 12 grade and need help on whether or not going straight to college is a must.

lia’s Avatar
lia Jan 28 684 views

how do i figure out what i want to do in life?

im a freshman in highschool