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San Jose, California
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I want to own my own cafe bakery and create a cozy safe place.



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Elle Feb 07, 2023 454 views

Is there anything you'd recommend for me to do to become my own business owner towards the culinary arts?

This is a passion I want to pursue and would love any tips and tricks to learn and help me along my life's passion for the culinary arts.

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Elle Feb 07, 2023 456 views

What is it like working as a baker or in a cafe who makes everything from scratch?

I'm very interested in the field and would love to do such. I'm curious about the work and time it takes, to run my own culinary business as a bakery and cafe.

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Elle Feb 07, 2023 406 views

What was your overall training or schooling like for culinary arts?

Such as the effort, social aspects, tools, and what was your favorite course to take for the culinary arts.