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Elk River, Minnesota
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I want to be a professional in cinematography I want to have knowledge in different areas of study I want to have a business, build something of my own


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Sofia Mar 20 105 views

How much of interaction with other workers I'd have in the finance field?

I don't like being alone, working all day staring at a screen without social interactions but mainly without making friends (colleagues don't count), it scares me a lot.

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Sofia Mar 20 126 views

What is the annual salary of a just graduated student of cinema ?

I know the film industry is very competitive and it takes time to grow and get a nice paying job, but what is the average salary to someone who just graduated film college?

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Sofia Mar 20 81 views

How is the job market for cinema?

I'd like to join the cinema field but I'm not sure of the availability of jobs this career offers.