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Eric Hopkins, MHA

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Racine, Wisconsin
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John’s Avatar
John Mar 08 459 views

How do I prepare for ASVAB TESTING ?

I'm heading into the airforce and I'd like to be prepared.

ethan’s Avatar
ethan Feb 15 377 views

I would like to become a marine. I think one of the main question i would have is how long will i have to stay in the military. What are the job opportunities i will get from joining the military.

I would like to become a marine. I would like to go to college for nuclear engineering and then go back to the military.

ethan’s Avatar
ethan Feb 15 3154 views

Could i transfer from one branch of the military to another.

I would like to go to the military and would like to finish my first few years and then go to college and then would like to go to another branch.

Stacy’s Avatar
Stacy Dec 13, 2023 308 views

What should I do to increase my chances of getting into a college that accepts military donations?

I want to go into ROTC, and it would help my family if the military paid for some of my tuition. How can I make sure I get that, and how much would they pay for?

Chase’s Avatar
Chase Dec 04, 2023 767 views

Do you need specific degrees to be in the military if so what are they?

I want to be in the military and I want to know how

Elias’s Avatar
Elias Oct 03, 2023 319 views

What happens in the military?

Hello, my name is Elias, I am originally from Mexicali and I have a question, I am interested in joining the American military but I have a question, how much does it pay and what happens when you join?

Regulus’s Avatar
Regulus Aug 14, 2023 591 views

What skill do you wish you had before entering your field?

I have been thinking a lot about my future and how to make a smooth entry into the career of my choice when it comes time (I plan on being a field medic in the Marine Corps.) and want advice on what to work on from now until I can apply.

Dominic’s Avatar
Dominic Aug 22, 2023 416 views

What are the possibilities with the trade skills that I've trained for help me get enlisted into the military?

What will help me continue this path?

How will this process benefit me?

Why will this process help me in the future?

Marco’s Avatar
Marco Aug 17, 2023 460 views

Will the military help pay for college even if the courses are different than your current occupation?

For example if I go to the military and become a combat medic or corpsman, will they help pay for nursing courses in college even though its a different specialization?

Marco’s Avatar
Marco Aug 22, 2023 2691 views

Should I start working on getting a car before joining the military?

How useful is having a car while serving active duty in the military?

Savannah’s Avatar
Savannah Jul 15, 2023 276 views

how am i supposed to prepare for a career in the military outside of my major in college?

What solid i do to prepare myself for the challenges of finding a career after college

Claire’s Avatar
Claire Jun 19, 2023 385 views

How do you assure success when your going into college for a career?

I am going to be a senior this year and I don't exactly know what I want to major in for college. I want to pick something that I enjoy doing but also something I can be successful in. I don't want to go to college for something I am unable to get a job in or that I don't enjoy.

Onyx’s Avatar
Onyx Jun 19, 2023 654 views

Is applying for college during a military contract a good idea to save money, and have the ability to make more at the same time? ?

I would like to go into the Air Force after I am out of high school, and was wondering if going to college for Aviation Mechanizing and having the government pay for it was a good idea, especially on a fixed contract.

laraine’s Avatar
laraine May 18, 2023 355 views

what should I do after Highschool?

I'm a sophomore and in NJROTC but I'm still not sure of what I should do or aim for after I graduate.

Jesse’s Avatar
Jesse Apr 29, 2023 327 views

What will help me get into the military if i have a bad back ?

I have a really bad back what will help get in the navy