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Racine, Wisconsin

Within 40 mile radius
Emmy’s Avatar
Emmy Jun 18 178 views

What are some of the best opportunities for undergraduates to explore healthcare/medical careers and careers in research?

I’m leaning toward pre-med, but I want to explore career paths of both an M.D. vs a Ph.D., and want to experience parts of both before choosing.

Irene’s Avatar
Irene May 24 160 views

As a full-time worker and parent, how feasible is it to manage the course load and clinical requirements of chiropractic school Are there any programs that offer part-time or evening classes to accommodate my schedule??

Are there specific scholarships or financial aid options available for non-traditional students like myself who might have additional financial responsibilities?

violet’s Avatar
violet May 08 265 views

what should i do to plan?

what would help me plan and what classes in highschool should i take if i want to go to collage for early childhood education? i would really want to boost myself up as much as i can!

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Apr 18 576 views

Where to find scholarship opportunities ?

Hey! Highschool freshman here. As I'm preparing for college, I'm taking note of how expensive it will be, I was wondering how I can find scholarship opportunities that are not super rare chances for someone to win? Are there any other ways I can lower the cost of college?

sally’s Avatar
sally Apr 17 455 views

Foster care and College tuition?

I'm trying to become a nurse with a BSN. Does anyone know if being in foster care in Illinois qualifies you for free tuition in order to get a bachelor's degree?

Faith’s Avatar
Faith Apr 15 248 views

How to I get a job so young?

I’m young and want a job

Faith’s Avatar
Faith Apr 15 191 views

Why is it so important to get job?

I’m young and want to know why

N’s Avatar
N Mar 17 332 views

What to do with the rigour?

How rigorous can the schooling required to be a veterinarian be expected to be? Realistically, what are the chances of making it through that schooling? Any advice for how to successfully go through almost a decade of school?

I’s Avatar
I Jan 09 881 views

What are some good opportunities for a future entrepreneur

(Volunteering, , internships, jobs, etc.)

Isabel’s Avatar
Isabel Dec 07, 2023 1035 views

What makes a business successful?

I am interested in starting my own business

mosho’s Avatar
mosho Dec 06, 2023 444 views

What are some of your skills and interests that you could see yourself turning into a career?

What are some of your skills and interests that you could see yourself turning into a career?

Jack’s Avatar
Jack Nov 27, 2023 536 views

If you could give any advice to a musician trying to break into the industry, what would it be?

Any advice helps! Thanks! :)

Bilyaminu’s Avatar
Bilyaminu Nov 25, 2023 333 views

what is energy?

what is energy?

Enrique’s Avatar
Enrique Nov 20, 2023 377 views

What does your usual day consist of?

What does a welders day to day look like, How much time do you usually spend on one project?

Enrique’s Avatar
Enrique Nov 20, 2023 676 views

How did you start your welding career?

I would like to know how you started off in this line of work, What did you have to go through you to get where you currently are, Was it hard for you to keep advancing.

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