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Destiny May 20, 2023 278 views

How do how do I sign up for more scholarships?

There are multiple sources of information that you can get scholarships from there's and scholarship owl or you can go to your college career counselor and they can help you figure out what scholarships best work for you

Janye’s Avatar
Janye May 20, 2023 460 views

How difficult is psychology? How did you overcome those difficulties?

In my previous post, I expressed my interest in becoming an art therapist and got some helpful advice. I decided the best option would be to major in psych and minor in art. My only problem is that I have never been the best writer and, after reading some of the posts here, I'm a little...

Fernie’s Avatar
Fernie May 16, 2023 239 views

How did you train?

What are some essential classes that helped you prepare for your career? Why did you pick that career? What do you like about it? What skills prepared you for this job? What made you do this this Career? What did you do to prepare for this career? When did you start pursuing your career? What...

Destiny’s Avatar
Destiny May 18, 2023 250 views

What can I do as an 11th grader, to get more involved into veterinary medicine programs?

I am an 11th grader. About to finish the school year and have nothing to do through the summer.
I am interested in majoring animal science.

Rosselin’s Avatar
Rosselin May 17, 2023 381 views

How do I find my perfect future career?

I'm unsure of what I want to do with my life